Together with our customers, we create digital experiences for maximum benefit.


mtms Solutions is a globally active software company.

We develop digital concepts that automate or simplify processes in ticketing and messaging.


With our products we revolutionize access solutions in the event sector.

We focus on the areas of ticketing, accreditation, guest (list) management and livestream.


With our messaging services, we are also modernizing corporate communications in various industries.

Our platform enables customers and organizations to communicate personally with customers via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Signal, Telegram and SMS.


Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, our two products currently support event organizers in COVID-19 test management - ticketorganizer, and restaurateurs& hoteliers in digital guest registration - messageorganizer.




We have the courage to say what we think. We are willing to challenge the status quo and look critically at behaviors that are not consistent with our values. Our perspectives are formed based on facts and experience. We make decisions and take responsibility for the results. Speed is important because the greatest risk is standing still. 


For us, ideas count more than positions. We are always open to innovation, listen to every employee and work together on new solutions and technologies. We strive to achieve the best for our customers and the company, rather than for ourselves.


The physical and mental health of our employees is our top priority. We work focused and highly ambitious on our visions, but break the drive in between for a table soccer match. We are committed to our work and focus all our attention on it. Nevertheless, we enjoy sunny afternoons at home, time management permitting.


To realize our vision, 29 employees work daily on - or with - our software programs to further develop and define tomorrow's standards.

Gerald Eigenstuhler | CEO mtms Solutions

Gerald Eigenstuhler

CEO & Owner

Alois Hofstaetter | mtms Solutions

Alois Hofstaetter

Fullstack Developer

Andreas Matschl

System Admin &
Fullstack Developer

Anita Schinwald | mtms Solutions

Anita Schinwald

CFO & Prokuristin

Aleen Dam

Digital Marketing &
Event Manager

Armin Hessenberger

Armin Hessenberger

Head of Accreditation &
Project Management

Bernhard Groemer | mtms Solutions

Bernhard Groemer

Head of Infrastructure

Bernhard Salzlechner | mtms Solutions

Bernhard Salzlechner

Head of Operations

Aksana Sachße


Branislav Kútnik

Fullstack Developer

Bita Khavari

Front-end Developer

Christian Hutzinger | mtms Solutions

Christian Hutzinger

Fullstack Developer

David Prodinger

Fullstack Developer

Dmitri Laptev

Fullstack Developer

Denise Feiel | mtms Solutions

Denise Feiel


Gerhard Thöny

Event & Project Manager

Lilly Hager

Technical Customer Support

Max Slipek

Head of Product Management

Martin Trunk

Senior Project Manager

Mathias Slodnjak | mtms Solutions

Mathias Slodnjak


Maggie Wilhelmstrop

Product & Project Manager

Michael Donabaum | mtms Solutions

Michael Donabaum

Head of Development

Michael Hemmelmayr

Key Account Manager & Sales

Michael Kirchner | mtms Solutions

Michael Kirchner

Key Account Manager

Rebecca Wieser | mtms Solutions

Rebecca Wieser

Operations &
Technical Customer Support

Tanja Wimmer | mtms Solutions

Tanja Wimmer

Finance & HR

Tobias Prommegger | mtms Solutions

Tobias Prommegger

Project & Event Manager

Torben Wille | mtms Solutions

Torben Wille

Fullstack Developer