Mobile Messaging

Take your messaging service to the next level.

Mobile customerservice thanks to reliable text message service

Benefit from numerous functions

Send and receive text messages with the help of our web interface. A text message can be received from every phone worldwide and you can contact people who don't have access to internet. You're always on the safe side.

Automated shipping via web

Easily receive and send text messages online  

A lot recipients

Send texts to as many people as you want

Personalized notifications

Personal text message, editable signature possible

Detailled statistics

Detailled sending statistics onliner

Different sending methods

All common protocolls and services are supported

Clear contact management

Easily manage your customer contacts

Get your fitting business short message solution

Send and receive your
messages online

Manage your text message distribution with
our online tool, fast and simple in your

Bulk SMS distribution
via Interface

Use our mtms mass messaging tool via interface, while sending text messages to a huge customer base regularly.

SMS - notifications

Our notification service is always there for you, 
a trouble-free transmission is guaranteed, even in emergency cases!

use cases

à Reminders (events, meetings, etc.)
à Infoservices
à Two-factor-authentication (e.g. TAN)
à Storm warnings
à SMS-alarms
à Commercial messages
à Internal communication

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Your benefits with mtms at a glance

Know How

Profit from years of experience in text messaging services, to guarantee your success!

Reliable distribution

Guaranteed transmission through direct connections and stable systems.

Individual use cases

SMS transmission for every kind of company and business,  to optimize your internal and external communications.

  Available worldwide

Text messages are available on cell phones worldwide, independent from data connections and free for the recipient. 


Text message communication is a reliable communications channel for your customer service, it is secure and precise.

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Convince yourself and test our text message transmission for free and without obligation.

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