Special times require special solutions. We have analyzed the needs of our customers in times of Corona and developed solutions to help you successfully implement safety and security measures. From guest registration to automated health queries and COVID-19 test management systems to rapid antigen testing - we have the right solution for you. 

ANTIGEN Rapid Test

Anterior Nasal Antigen Self-Test

Rapid antigen tests provide an effective way to detect and isolate COVID-19 infected individuals early. The new generation of antigen tests, the Anterior Nasal Test, allows for collection in the anterior nasal region – without deep penetration into the nasal or pharyngeal cavity.
With immediate effect, our antigen rapid test is approved in Austria for self-testing and therefore also for distribution to private individuals.

The antigen tests distributed by us are manufactured by the renowned company, DIALAB in Wiener Neudorf. In addition to the antigen test, we also offer the DIALAB antibody test, which provides information on whether an infection has already been overcome.


For the organizations conducting Coronatests

Starting from a larger number of employees, regularly performed corona tests lead to administration and documentation problems. We provide you with a software solution that helps organize the tests, protects your employees’ data, and is already in use at major international sports federations, like the FIA Formula E.


The right process for your company

mtms Solutions has focused on developing customized software solutions to maintain international sporting events and ongoing corporate operations. In the course of cooperation with global sports organizers, COVID-19 test management software for athletes has been developed. Due to multiple customer requests, mtms has therefore extended its product range to include Coronatests, in order to offer a one-stop-shop for testing.



The gold standard with analysis within 24 hours

With the PCR gargle test from our partner laboratory Novogenia, the test can be done easily and directly in the company.

Digitales Corona Gästebuch


Verified contact data with Messenger solution

Verified contact data with Messenger solution
With the Digital Guestbook from mtms Solutions, you can record your customer data via WhatsApp, SMS or phone call. The contact details of your guests are of course recorded in compliance with data protection and health regulations – then deleted in a timely manner.

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Query health status via WhatsApp

In many situations, you may want to ask about the current health status of staff, athletes, or artists before check-in or arrival. For this purpose, our chatbot takes over the conversation (multilingual) for you and raises an alarm in case of suspicious answers. Please note that this feature can only be used within the scope of the GDPR and the data responsibility lies with the buyer. The use of this tool requires either a legal basis (regulation, official requirement, etc). Gladly we talk to you about it individually!